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A Prayer for the victims of the Las Vegas tragedy

Dear Sisters and dear Brothers in Christ,

Gradually the peace of the morning was transformed for all of us as news of the tragedy in Las Vegas became clear.  It was not at all clear what we could possibly do in the midst of so much horror and loss.  I started to pray.  Let us all pray.  

Your sister in Christ,

+ Lauma

Dear Lord,

In a place where thousands gathered together to experience something good, horror changed countless lives as one chose to do immeasurable evil and hard. Lord, please, we pray for all who have suffered and continue to suffer.  Once again our hearts are torn apart by the pain of so many.  We do not understand, Lord, but pray you help us find the faith to continue to affirm life and good in the midst of death and evil.  Heavenly Father, comfort all who not only mourn the loss of their loved ones, and all who are still desperately searching for those from whom they have not heard.   Hear their prayers, and ours.

Lord Jesus, we pray for all who suffer in this world.  Please, Lord, grant peace. Never let our hearts stop hurting for those who cry, or are struggling between life and death.  Lord, you taught us to cry with those who are crying and mourn with those who are in grief.  Lord, hear our prayers.  Only you can transform prayers into strength for those who so suffer and sense your presence, and learn, they are not alone.  We are with them and seek to do what we can to be part of the healing this world so needs....please let us not conclude with Amen, for it so often signifies the end of our prayer.  Let us continue...

Published 03|10|2017
Lauma Zušēvics

Joint Commemoration

Geneva, 24 October 2016

Respected church leaders, dear sisters and brothers -

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I write this email to you a week ahead of the Joint Catholic - Lutheran Commemoration of the Reformation to take place in Lund and Malmoe (Sweden) on October 31. [...]
Published 28|10|2016
General Secratary
Martin Junge

Tragedy in Nice, France

LELCA stands united in its grief with all who have so suffered in Nice, as children, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, grandparents, and friends were torn from their hands and hearts.  We pray for each who struggles for their lives.  The innocent suffer, they had gathered with no weapons.  We know that there will be horrible consequences not only for those who are in mourning but for each that has witnessed that which no one should ever see.  What can we say to those in Nice who have experienced such terror?  At this time, let us acknowledge that we lack for words that would bring any real meaning.  Far too often we have witnessed such atrocities, in Dallas, Orlando, and not that long ago in Paris, elsewhere.  We have prayed, we must pray again - individually and in our congregations.  We must pray God grants them all strength to endure.  Let us pray individually and in all of our congregations, that God strengthen all those who have so horribly suffered.  Let us pray as well for those that stand with them and lovingly care for one another.  Let us give thanks for each that ran to help and still is doing all they can to help.  Let us thank God for the countless good people, who offered their shoulders, so that another might cry and cry in their arms.  Christ is in their midst.  He is there, where we are not.  He cries and stands with them, He comforts and consoles – through our prayers as well.  May you be gently blessed this day as so much good must be done to counter so much pain.
Yours in Christ
+ Lauma
Published 15|07|2016

Arch. Lauma Zušēvica
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