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LELCA Mission Fund 
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, The Milwaukee Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Holy Trinity Church Council invites you to join us in supporting the Mission Fund of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad (LELCA). Our congregation will match each of the donations you make up to a total matching donation of USD$100,000! This is an amazing opportunity to support the LELCA Mission Fund which continues to help develop new LELCA congregations in Latvia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. We also support those working in established congregations develop new programs to reach those who worship in ways more reflective of the changing times around us. More than ever before, we need to work together to ensure our Church continues to be a vital, living part of the body of Christ, capable of gathering together Latvians and supporting their faith journeys. We have much to lose AND much to gain at this critical juncture in history as questions arise regarding LELCA’s place in history. LELCA continued the work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia that began during Latvia’s first years as an independent nation between the two World Wars. Forced by the communists to flee their country, many Latvians lived in displaced persons camps in Germany during World War II. The Archbishop Grinbergs was forced out of Latvia, continued to minister to Latvian refugees, and represented our Church as a founding member of the Lutheran World Federation. For over seventy years, our parents and grandparents have continued God’s work in Latvian Lutheran congregations established around the world, and now in Latvia. LELCA’s mission seeks to reach out to those who have yet to experience God’s love, mercy, and grace. Our mission in Latvia is among those who do not belong to any congregation, and outside of Latvia in places where Latvians have recently immigrated. We are developing programs that support our mission of reaching out to gather together those who have yet to know the blessings of faith and belonging to a congregation. This work is most critical among our youth. We hope to gather young Latvian Lutherans at an international Christian assembly so that they might strengthen one another in faith. Our congregation is especially grateful to the son of our members Guntis and Gaida Aulis. When they passed away, Ervin Aulis and his family blessed our congregation with a very, very generous donation in memory of his parents. Their generosity inspires our work and willingness to continue God’s work through the Mission Fund of LELCA. We invite you to join us and donate so that we might match your donations and continue to build our Church in Latvia and around the world as it serves Christ by sharing God’s Word and grace. Brick by brick let us build together the Church to the honor and glory of our Lord! Donate now through Easter, which falls on April 21, 2019, and our Milwaukee Latvian congregation will match your donation up to $100,000. Donations are accepted by check written to “LELCA Mission Fund” and sent to LELCA treasurer Baiba Rodins: 5820 Mountain Shadow Lane, Reno, NV 89511. Sincerely, Sandra Kalve Board President, Milwaukee Latvian Ev. Lutheran Holy Trinity Church read more »
published: 24.02.2019
LELBAL has a new treasurer - Baiba Rodins 
Baiba Rodins is the new treasurer for LELBAL. Please send all donations (Mission Fund, Future Fund, Archbishop Fund) to: read more »
published: 05.01.2018
The Self-Understanding of the Lutheran Communion 
The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is a lively and engaged communion of churches. Its member churches share altar and pulpit fellowship and bring their spiritual and material resources together in order jointly to participate in God’s mission in the world. This communion is alive because God calls it into being and sustains it. Living together as a communion of churches is a gift entrusted to the churches. read more »
published: 02.05.2016
Prayers for Refugees 
Litany for Refugees from LIRS read more »
published: 29.02.2016
Prayers for Nepal 
Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ!

As you are aware, a devastating earthquake has rocked Nepal, bringing death, sorrow, confusion and much need to the country. Please pray for those who lost their lives and all others who have suffered. Below [Rread more >>] is a prayer and appeal from LELBA Central Region's religious leader, pastor Ilze Larsen.

May God Bless you and strengthen you. May His Peace be with you.

Yours in Christ,

Archbishop Lauma Zusevics

read more »

published: 29.04.2015
57 Choral melodies have been recorded 

We thank the generous sponsorship of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in England for being able to record music for 57 chorals, allowing 3 verses of each. The main instrument used is the piano, but many songs also include recorder and accordian music.

read more »

published: 04.04.2015
New Book by Andris Abakuks, Ph.D. 
The Synoptic Problem and Statistics lays the foundations for a new area of interdisciplinary research that uses statistical techniques to investigate the synoptic problem in New Testament studies, which concerns the relationships between the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. There are potential applications of the techniques to study other sets of similar documents. Explore Hidden Markov Models for Textual Data The book provides an introductory account of the synoptic problem and relevant theories, literature, and research at a level suitable for academic and professional statisticians. For those with no special interest in biblical studies or textual analysis, the book presents core statistical material on the use of hidden Markov models to analyze binary time series. Biblical scholars interested in the synoptic problem or in the use of statistical methods for textual analysis can omit the more technical/mathematical aspects of the book. The binary time series data sets and R code used are available on the author’s website. read more »
published: 03.11.2014
Porvoo Communion Church Leaders gather in York 
Forty-five church leaders from The Porvoo Communion of Churches met in York, UK, on 17-19 September 2014, and received the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad and the Lutheran Church in Great Britain as new member churches of the Porvoo Communion. read more »
published: 09.10.2014
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